1. Add Client

Click on CLIENTS from your top menu

Click on ADD CLIENT button

2. Account Details

Client Contact Name - Enter the full name of the person responsible for this account

Client Account Name - Enter either the company name or account name

Client Mobile - Enter contact mobile number

Client Country - Select client's country location. This will affect default localisation of numbers

Client Time Zone - Select the client's timezone. This will affect display of times in reporting.

3. Login Details

Client Contact Email - Enter your client's contact email that will be used as their username for their account.

Client Password - Enter the client account password. The client will be able to change their password once they login to their account and click on SETTINGS from the top menu.

4. Pricing and Billing

Select whether you would like the parent or client/child account to pay i.e. Select 'I Pay' For Parent Account to pay and 'Client Pays' for the Client/Child Account to pay using our billing system.


If you select 'I Pay' you have 2 payment method options from the drop down:

Bill Client Activity to My Account: All billing activity from the child account will be applied to the parent account and no financial data or pricing will be displayed in this child account type. Pricing will be based on display price that you set in your SMS Margin in Settings of your parent account.

I will transfer SMS credits: This allows you to allocate a predetermined number of SMS credits to your child/client account. Local country sending only.

If you select 'Client Pays' you have 2 payment method options from the drop down:


Credit Card - Fixed Amount: Client will only be able to top up with a single fixed predetermined amount of your choosing.

 Credit Card - Variable Amounts: Clients will be able to select from a range of top up amounts. You can select both a minimum and maximum in the available range

Daily Top Up Limit - This is the maximum amount client can top up by in given 24 hour period, and the maximum amount available in the variable top up range above.

Minimum Top Up Limit - This is the minimum amount available in top up list of amounts if using variable top up amounts.

SMS Margin - Enter the SMS margin you would like to add to your base SMS cost. This price will be displayed in your client/child's account and the profit margin made when a SMS is sent from this account will be credited to your reseller/parent account.

Trial Period - You can activate a trial period for your client account by selecting 'Yes' from the drop down and then selecting the expiry date. 

NOTE: Once the client account expires upon login of the account your client will see the above screen and will need to ADD CREDIT in order to activate their account.

5. Virtual Numbers

Number Allocation - When you select the 'Client buys their own' option, your client will be able to choose their own virtual number to lease from our list.

You can also lease a virtual number from your parent account and then allocate the number to the client account by selecting the number that will appear in the drop down.

Number Margin - You can set a margin on the base number price that will appear in the client account. 

For example, if the base price is $19 and you set the margin to 5.00 the price of the number in the client account will appear as $24. Profit margin is added to your parent account each time the cost of the number is deducted from the balance of the child account.

6. Keywords

To enable KEYWORD marketing functionality for your client/child account select 'YES'

NOTE: Client account will need to either lease their own virtual mobile number or have a number allocated to the account. 

Keyword Price - You can set a keyword price that will be the cost per keyword setup on the client/child account per month. 20% revenue share is levied on all keyword sales.

Keyword Limit - By default set to 0 for unlimited keyword setup. 

7. Complete Setup

Click on UPDATE.