In your reseller account, you can access your default account settings from SETTINGS in your top menu.

Your Account details are populated from the information provided during registration. You can update these details at any time.

White label Settings

Select YES for DISPLAY SETTINGS to display your White label settings.

Client Login Page - This is your sub domain that you will need to provide to your new clients.

Contact Page Copy - Enter your contact details that will display above your contact form when client clicks on CONTACT US from bottom menu

Contact Page Email - Email address that will receive contact form submissions

Business Address - Enter your business address

Company Number - Enter your ABN, VAT Number etc that will appear on clients invoices.

Brand Image - Upload your company logo that appears top of the page 370px wide

Colour Scheme - Select a colour scheme for your parent and client/child account to use.

Customer Announcements - This will appear on your client/child account's notifications bar and in email footers. Delete text and click update to remove.

Default Client Settings

Select YES for DISPLAY CLIENT DEFAULTS display your Default Client Settings.

Allow Public Sign Ups - Select YES to add a Sign up link to your client login page. Click on Understand the risks link beside this option for more information on public registration risks and processes.

Payment Method:

Credit Card - Variable Amount - Clients will be able to select from a range of top up amounts. You can select both a minimum and maximum in the available range

Credit Card - Fixed Amount - Client will only be able to top up with a single fixed predetermined amount of your choosing.

 Daily Top Up Limit - This is the maximum amount client can top up by in given 24 hour period, and the maximum amount available in the variable top up range above.

SMS Margin - Enter the SMS margin you would like to add to your base SMS cost. This price will be displayed in your client/child's account and the profit margin made when a SMS is sent from this account will be credited to your reseller/parent account.

Trial Credit - Specify how much credit is added on public sign up and manual creation of a new client accounts.

Trial Period - You can activate a trial period for your client account by selecting 'Yes' from the drop down and then selecting the expiry date.

Virtual Number - 'Client buys their own' is selected by default and enables clients to be able to choose their own number from our list

Number Margin - You can set a margin on the base number price that will appear in the client account. 

Keywords Available - Activates KEYWORD marketing functionality

Keyword Price - Set keyword price per month (20% revenue is levied on all keyword sales)

Keyword Limit - By default set to 0 for unlimited keywords

Login Settings

You can change your login details and add another login account in this section.

API Settings 

This is where you can find your API URL and API key and set your API Secret.

DLR Callback URL - Set the URL you would like delivery report responses (DLR) to be sent to.

Reply Callback URL - Set your callback URL

 Global Opt Out List - When enabled will receive all opt-outs to the account, this will enforce a full suppression on that number for any list. When disabled, numbers will not be added to the GOO list, they will be opted out of the list they received the message from only.

DLR Callback Firing - You can set whether to receive DLR callbacks for API Messages only or All Messages. 

Click on UPDATE PROFILE button to save changes made.