One way of building your mobile database is by providing a form on your website that can be completed by your website visitors. We have simplified this process by providing the form code that can be added to a website and then populated in our system.

1. Click on your CONTACTS section


3. Click on FORM CODE

4. Select a destination country from the drop down list. The numbers will be formatted based on the destination country you select, OR 

Select include a destination country drop down selector in the code. When this option is selected the destination country drop down selector is placed in the code so that users may select the country themselves.

5. Copy the form code provided and add it to your website

6. Enter the URL you would like to redirect users to when they click on Subscribe

NB: Using your own URL will return a get variable named 'contact-result' with 4 possible values:

NO_OPT_IN (opt in checkbox not checked)

NO_LIST (Invalid list_id or list has been removed)

BAD_MOBILE (mobile not formatted correctly or is invalid)

OK (contact successfully added)