We do our very best to make sure that messages get delivered. However, the complexities of delivering messages to carriers can mean that a small number of messages can get lost on the way. You can check your delivery report to see the status of your message. You will see the following statuses:


Your message has been delivered to the recipients handset. In this case, it will be best to restart the phone of the recipient and test the SMS again to check if they received it.


We have delivered your message to the carrier and they are attempting to deliver it to the recipients handset. We have not yet received any form of delivery receipt. This could mean that the phone is off or out of range. If the recipient is able to receive the message within 72 hours it will be delivered, if not it will be marked as 'soft bounced'.


The message timed out after 72 hours. Either the recipient was out of range, their phone was off for longer than 72 hours, or the message was unable to be delivered due to a network outage or other connectivity issue.


The message failed due to the number being invalid or disconnected.