Burst SMS is protected by numerous systems to protect us all from credit card fraud. We get at least a few attempts every day of spammers trying to register fake accounts and adding fraudulently obtained credit card numbers to credit the account. 

We will not make all of our systems and methods public here as we don't want to give spammers any information on how to circumvent. If you would like to know more details on our protection systems, give us a call and we can walk you through it.

If a spammer does manage to get a credit on, the bank will come back to get a charge back if we don't reverse it within 72 hours. Therefore, what we want to do is identify the credit and reverse it within 72 hours to avoid the charge back fee. If you have an amount you suspect is fraudulent, contact us as soon as possible.

When we find fraudulent transactions on your reseller system we will ban the account and reverse the charges immediately. We will generally alert you if the account is older than a few hours.