When white labeling you account the Burst SMS name is replaced in all Terms and Conditions, SPAM Policy and Privacy Policy with your business name. When your client signs up and logs in they are asked to agree to the Terms of Service.

If your client breaches the SPAM policy or Terms of Service as a Reseller it is your responsibility to reprimand them. If they do not comply and we find they are sending SPAM or some other breach we will ban their account and send you a warning.

Here is a standard email for Australian resellers you can send to reprimand a client for spamming. This can be repurposed for your local market, most regions have similar policies.

SUBJECT: [Reseller Name] Spam Alert! - Your Message was Flagged as being SPAM

Hi [Client Name],

On reviewing you messages today we have noted a couple of issues. In the interests of protecting you and us from potential issues with the ACMA please read the following information. While we appreciate that you have sent messages in this fashion previously we do not monitor all messages individually. Now that we have seen how you are sending you must adhere to the ACMA SPAM compliance regulations.

SPAM ALERT - 1st Warning

Reason for Alert: A message from your account that was of marketing in nature was sent:

  • Without an opt-out in the message and also

  • That did not identify your business within the message (CallerID does not count)

  • Did not have consent to send the message

These are clear breaches of the Spam Act 2003 and if a recipient complains to the ACMA a fine could be given to you and to us as your provider. 


Client: [Client Name]

Date of Send: [Can be found in the report or activity screen]

Message ID: [These can be found in the URL of the report]

Caller ID: [Can be found in the report]

Message: [Can be found in the report]

To send this message compliantly, please send from our shared response number. This is a free service. Selecting the shared number as the caller ID will automatically append the opt-out instruction to the message. You may need to shorten your message slightly to bring back to 160 characters.

Please read the following for more information: http://reseller.transmitsms.com/legals-spam

We appreciate your support in this matter.