Accessing MMS Reporting

View MMS reporting by opening the MMS module and clicking the Activity button

Date/Time - When the MMS was sent. If it was a split send, then the date and time shown will be for the first batch

To - The contact list receiving the MMS

From - The virtuasl mobile number used to send the MMS

Message - Hovering your mouse over the message column will show the MMS body text. Hovering your mouse over the image icon will show the MMS attachment

Link hits - Total number of clicks for tracked links in the MMS.

Delivered - Total MMS sent to carriers for delivery

Status - Options are Scheduled, Sending and Send
Ellipsis icon - If you have scheduled the MMS to send in the future, you will see an ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots). Clicking the will allow you to reschedule or delete the scheduled MMS.

OPT-OUTS link - Hovering your mouse over the 'OPT-OUTS' will show a dialog that allows you to navigate to the contacts screen.