Below are some common queries around our MMS module.

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Why do I need a new virtual number?

A virtual number is needed to utilize the high throughput of the A2P network which MMS providers operate on.

MMS compatible virtual numbers have all the same functionality as non-MMS numbers, with the addition of outbound MMS.

My mobile number does everything, so why don't your virtual numbers?

The mobile number on your phone uses the P2P (person to person) network, whereas the virtual numbers that we offer use the A2P network (application to person).

Because these two networks are different, the numbers are configured by the telco's differently. This is why some features and speeds are not available on our virtual numbers.

Why can't I use a shared number?

Due to the extra cost and complexity of sending MMS, we do not offer MMS on our shared numbers.

Why is MMS in a separate webpage?

We built the MMS module in a separate webpage to validate a new way of building and adding modules. When you open the MMS webpage, you are still using your account, with your credit and all security measures are in place.

Where is MMS reporting?

We are currently developing MMS reporting. The expected ETA is Q3 2022.

Why can't I receive an MMS?

Inbound MMS still requires special configuration, which is outlined here.

Adding inbound MMS is on our roadmap. The expected ETA is Q3 2022.

Are Opt Outs handled the same?

Yes! Your global opt out list works exactly the same for sending MMS and when using MMS capable virtual numbers.

File types and sizes

Supported file types:

  • .gif (including animated - infinite loops recommended for best results)
  • .jpg or .jpeg
  • .png
  • .mp3
  • .mp4 or .mpeg4

Maximum attachment size: 450kb

Number of supported attachments: 1

Character limit: 1,000 characters for message body (including emoji's) and 20 characters for the Subject Line.

Sending speed

Our platform supports a maximum of 30,000 MMS per hour, or 500 per minute.

In practice, this speed may be slower if other customers are sending MMS.