How to track link clicks with Track Links

How are you going with tracking the success of your SMS campaigns? Our Track Link feature shrinks long web links to fit neatly in your SMS. Each recipient will automatically receive a unique link, which enables you to report on the volume of clicks in your campaign. 

Did you know that, on average, SMS campaigns get about a 10% click-through rate? Adding a link to your campaigns helps you to improve brand recognition and message credibility, to automatically track link clicks and click-through rates to your landing pages and you can use it for future retargeting campaigns!

You can also customise the look of your Tracked Links by setting up a custom domain for Tracked Links.

But don't stop at just tracking link clicks on our platform, you should track these links through your website to check out. To do this, watch our video above about Google's (free) UTM Parameters. By adding just three words to your URL, this tool will label all your SMS traffic to your Google Analytics account. 

Watch our quick video above and read our blog about the benefits of tracking links.