Callable Virtual Numbers can be used to allow your customers to call you

Callable Virtual Numbers are a special type of Dedicated Virtual Number which can be used to forward inbound calls onto a secondary phone number.

These numbers are currently limited to US and Australian customers only. If you would like more information about obtaining a callable number, please contact us here. 

Callable Number Options

Once your account has been provisioned with a callable number, you will be able to access the number's Call Forwarding settings from the Numbers screen in your account.

Forward to Number

When someone makes a call to your callable number, it will be forwarded to the number inserted in the Forward to Number field.

This number must be in international format and only numbers. i.e. no spaces, plus symbols or other formatting characters.

Caller ID for Incoming Call

These settings determine the caller ID on the device that is receiving the forwarded call.

"My Number"

With this option selected, the caller ID for the forwarded call will be your Callable Virtual Number.

"Caller Number"

With this option selected, the caller ID of the forwarded call will be that of the original caller, i.e. the device placing the call.