Welcome to Burst! Below are some of the common challenges that new customers might face.

If you need help, our support team are available via live chat, phone or at helpdesk@burstsms.com.



Card Declined error when adding credit

The third party software we use for credit card transactions uses machine learning to block transactions that it suspects are fraudulent. An unfortunate side effect is that some new customers will have their first credit top-up blocked.

If you see the above error, please get in touch with our support team, or your sales rep.

When I try to sign up, I see a blank page

If this happens, please try using another browser, or turn off all add ons on your browser.

If the issue persists, please get in touch with our team via live chat and they can get you signed up.

When I try to sign up, I get a 101 error

Please take a screenshot of the sign-up page and email it to helpdesk@burstsms.com.

I do not receive emails from Burst

Please be sure to check your spam\junk folder. If you do not see the emails, please get in touch with our support team.

Tracked links expire after 7 days.

A tracked link can be clicked multiple times.

Sample landing page

Do your tracked links send you to a "sample landing page":

That happens when using the Test window on the Send SMS screen:

If you would like to test the tracked link feature, please save the message as a template, create a test contact list with your number and then send the campaign to your test list. Once you are happy, you can then use the template to send the campaign to your customer list.

The site freezes when I upload an .xlsx file to a contact list

Xlsx files contain a lot of extra data and formatting which can cause the upload process to take quite a long time. We recommend downloading the file as csv for upload.

You can convert the file to csv by uploading to Google Drive, opening the file and then right-clicking and selecting File > Download > Comma-separated values.

My account has been suspended or deleted

This can happen for several reasons. The most common is that the account has not been used for some time.

If this happens, please contact us and we can help.