Postman is a versatile and well respected tool used by programmers to test API calls.

If you want to use our API, testing first through Postman is highly recommended.

Step 1 - Get Postman

You can download Postman here:

Once downloaded, please run the .exe file to install.

Step 2 - Get your credentials

Burst SMS API uses a basic authorization header to authenticate.

To locate your credentials, login to your Burst SMS account and go to the settings screen.

Here you will find fields for your API key and API secret. These are used as the username and password (respectively) for the API calls.

By default, the API secret will be blank.

Please add a password to the API Secret field and press the Update Profile button.

Take note of the API key and API secret.

Step 3 - Set your credentials

Open Postman and go to the authorization tab (1). For Type, choose Basic Auth (2). Add the API key and API secret as the username and password (3).

Step 4 - Choose the API call to test

Our API documentation is available here:

A good test, is the get-balance method.

Step 5 - Setup the call

In Postman, click the Params tab (1). Add the URL (2). If necessary, add parameters (3).

Step 6 - Send it!

Press the send button (1) and observer the results (2).