With Burst SMS there is no need to use Bit.ly or other link shortening tools. Our platform has a Tracked Link shortener that shrinks long URLs into small links suitable for text messaging.  Watch this video for a short introduction and advantages of using the Burst SMS Tracked Link feature versus other free online shorteners. 

A Tracked Link URL will include TapThi.Is. as default. Here is an example of a link using Burst SMS Tracked Link shortener: TapThi.Is/abc123

You can customise your links to include your brand or company name if you don't wish to use the default TapThi.Is.

Here are some example custom domains from other commercial brands:

  • Huffington Post: huff.to/a1b2c3

  • Starbucks: sbux.co/a1b2c3

  • Google: goo.gl/a1b2c3

  • Pepsi: pep.si/a1b2c3

  • YouTube: youtu.be/a1b2c3

Below are steps for setting up your custom domain 

1. Navigate to Settings in your Burst SMS account 

2. Update the DNS records 

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Update your DNS records for your domain to include an A record which points your desired domain to the IP address displayed on the page. This should be a subdomain apart from your website, not the home page URL.

3. Connect

Once the DNS change has been made, enter your domain in the Custom Domain field and click connect. The platform will then check to see whether the connection to the domain can be established. If successful, a "Domain is connected" message will be displayed. If not, "Invalid domain or domain not connected" will be displayed.

4. Verify 

After verifying that the domain has been successfully connected, and while the domain is still in the Custom Domain field, click the blue Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

Once saved, you are able to begin using the Tracked Link feature as normal and your custom domain will replace the default TapTh.is tracked link domain. 

The Burst SMS system will automatically adjust the placeholder character count of your tracked links on the character counter in the Send SMS screen to your new domain length.

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