Zapier allows you to connect your Burst SMS Account to over 1000 other applications. With the power of Zapier you can automate your workflows so you can focus on more important tasks.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that can be used to connect different applications. Zapier is designed to be user friendly, flexible, and stable, and is a great way to introduce automation to your business processes and cut down on time spent manually moving handling data. For example, rather than manually collecting inbound leads gathered via SMS, Zapier can connect your CRM directly with Burst SMS to have that information processed as it arrives. You can even create automations to follow up on and start qualifying these leads, all within the Zapier interface.

What can Zapier do?

Zapier has access to over 1000 automation and integration applications from across the web, including the Burst SMS application. With such a wide variety of applications ready at hand, there isn't a whole lot that you can't do with Zapier.

The Burst SMS app is able to connect with any of the other apps available in the Zapier catalogue. Some of the more common automations include:

What do I need to get started?

  1. Register for a Burst SMS Free Trial - Register
  2. Register for a  Zapier Free Account - Register
  3. Use your Burs SMS API Key and Secret to connect your Zaps (Obtained from your Burst SMS Account) - Settings

What can the Burst SMS Zapier app do?

Contact Added to ListTriggers when a new contact is added to a Burst SMS list. "Global Opt-Out" and "Quick SMS" lists are not available for use via Zapier.
SMS SentTriggers when an SMS is sent.
SMS Received to InboxTriggers when any new messages are found in your SMS Inbox. Will also automatically detect an email address in the message and return this in the response.
Link HitTriggers when a recipient clicks on Burst SMS Short URL.
Delivery Report ReceivedTriggers when a delivery report is received for a message. Report values are "delivered", "hard-bounce", "soft-bounce".
SMS Received to Virtual Mobile NumberTriggers immediately when a message is received by a Virtual Mobile Number. Will also detect an email address in the message and return this in the response.
Send SMSSend a text message to a single mobile number.
Add/Update ContactAdds or updates a contact on a Burst SMS list.
Send SMS to ListSend SMS to a Burst SMS contact list.
Delete ContactDelete a contact from chosen list.
Find ContactFinds an existing contact in a contact list.