How to format your email / SMTP

1. To send an SMS using your email, set the To: field to the mobile number you're sending to in your chosen format eg.


If you are sending to multiple recipients set the CC field instead.

2. You must ensure that the from address is configured in the Email SMS screen in your Burst SMS account.

3. If you want to receive replies back to your email leave the subject blank.

The recipient will receive the message using the sender ID configured in the Email SMS screen. This can be overridden by adding a name or mobile number in international format to the subject line of the email (depending on region). No spaces, 11 chars max. You will not receive replies to the email if overriding the sender ID.

4. The body of the email will contain your complete conversation as you communicate.

Alternative Method

  1. Set the "To" field of your email to and the "Subject" field of your email to the recipient's number adhering to the Number Format in your Email SMS settings. This method can only be used when the Message Content setting is set to Email Body in the Email SMS settings.

  2. Ensure that your email's "From" address is set to an email address set up for Email SMS in your Burst SMS account.

  3. Enter the body of your message in the email body, keeping in mind the Message Limit set for the sending address in your Email SMS settings. Once satisfied with the message, you are able to send. Message replies will be returned with the complete conversation in the email body as you communicate with the recipient.