Using webhooks in Marketo you can integrate with Burst SMS to send automated messages to your new leads and current customer database.

Create a new webhook in Marketo

Navigate to Admin section > Webhooks

Click on New Webhook

1. Enter Webhook Name

2. Enter Webhook Description

3. Enter URL:

Your API key and creating your API secret can be found in SETTINGS (header menu of your Burst SMS account)

4. Request Type: POST

5. Template: This is the message you will be sending out.

Enter the following:

from= 614XXXXXXXX&to={{lead.Mobile Number}}&message={{my.SMS Message}}

i.e. from= Your Burst SMS dedicated virtual mobile number in international format

to: The destination phone number. Use the Token for your lead’s mobile phone number in here. It might look like {{lead.Mobile Number}}
message: Use the the Marketo Token created earlier to parse your message.

6. Request Token Encoding: Form/URL

7. Response Type: XML

Create a Smart Campaign

This is where you call your webhook and set any filters or triggers for your SMS campaign

1. Within your Marketo SMS Program, create a smart campaign.

2. In the smart list tab, select if your campaign is a one-off blast (using a filter) or to send out an SMS (using a trigger) from the options available on the right hand side of your screen.

3. From the flow tab, select Call Webhook

4. Activate or Run your campaign

NB: This integration does not allow replies into your Marketo program.