When composing your SMS campaign using a Custom Sender ID, an unsub-reply link will be automatically added to your message. For example:

Once the recipient taps on the unsub-reply link within your message this screen will appear:

Recipients can either tap on the UNSUBSCRIBE button or enter text in the text box and tap on the REPLY button.


NOTE: When a recipient taps on the UNSUBSCRIBE button they will be opted out of receiving future SMS communication.

Viewing your replies

You can view replies to your messages from:

1. Your ACTIVITY > INBOX screen:

2. Your responses tab for your SMS campaign. In ACTIVITY, click on the number representing the number of replies received:

3. Your nominated email account when you have enabled Forward to Email option in your REPLY OPTIONS:

* NB: If you are on a Reseller or Parent/Child Account structure, then this may be unavailable to you. An alternative option is to lease a dedicated number and advise recipients to text STOP to this number.