Zapier allows you to integrate with hundreds of applications including HubSpot. We have added Burst SMS to its rapidly growing list.

Step 1 - Setup a Burst SMS account

To setup your integration you will need a Burst SMS account. You can sign up for a no obligation free trial to test out the integration:

Step 2 - Sign up for a Zapier account

You will also need a Zapier account. Zapier offer a free 14 day trial account for your testing:

Step 3 - Authorise both Burst SMS and HubSpot with Zapier

For Burst SMS you will need your API key and secret which can be found in the SETTINGS section of your account.

Step 4 - Setup HubSpot integration with Burst SMS

1. Trigger App: HubSpot.

2. Trigger: select the relevant trigger.

3. Follow on screen instructions to connect and pull the relevant data from HubSpot.

4. Action App: Burst SMS.

5. Action: select the relevant action.

6. Follow the on screen instructions to connect your Burst SMS account and use the data from HubSpot to perform the action required.