Please follow the below steps for setting up your SwiftPOS software with our Burst SMS platform.

1. Register for a 14 day free trial account here.

2. Click on SETTINGS from the top menu.

3. Scroll down to API Settings and enter your API SECRET and click UPDATE PROFILE.

4. Copy the API Key found in your API Settings.

5. Populate the following SMS Settings in your SwiftPOS Software:

  • Select Burst SMS for SMS Provider field

  • Enter API Key (copied in Step 4 above) and paste into Key field

  • Enter your API Secret (created in Step 3 above)

  • Enter Country Code

6. Test your integration is working correctly.

7. Once you are happy that your integration is working correctly add credit by clicking on ADD CREDIT beside your account balance.

8. In your BILLING section of your account we recommend you enable an Auto Credit Recharge amount for continuity with our service.