Virtual Number Options

Depending on what type of virtual numbers you use, you will find the links mentioned below in the Actions column, in your Numbers screen.

Shared Number Reply Options

Messages that have been initiated at the phone and are not a response to an outbound campaign are referred to as Mobile Originating (MO) messages.

MO messaging is not possible with shared numbers so we have Reply Options. There is only one setting available here and that is the reply email address.

This is the default email address that when a recipient of any outbound message replies, the reply will go to this email.

To unlock the more advanced reply options, you will need a dedicated virtual mobile number.

Dedicated Mobile Number Inbound Options/Default Reply Options

With a dedicated virtual number you can control what happens to inbound MO's. The options set at the number are used to process mobile originating messages and also are the default for outbound responses for Campaigns and Quick SMS. 

These options are also available when sending via the Quick SMS or Send SMS screens. If you set these options on those screens, they will take precedent over the settings in the Numbers screen, only on the messages where they are set.

These options are also available on Keywords.