SMS is great for personalised, immediate communication. Lead generation via marketing is one thing but being able to convert those leads is the job of direct sales communication. With 2 Way SMS, your sales people can engage with a lead immediately with a simple email response.

What is 2 Way SMS?

It's exactly as it sounds, however using Burst SMS you can use email instead of a phone to send text messages to a lead. To show how this is useful, we will run through a scenario.

Scenario: We use a Real Estate example here but the processes are applicable to many other situations.

A couple is driving around their favourite suburb on a Sunday afternoon looking at houses. They come across a house for sale and are immediately interested. On the sign outside is the prompt:

For info about this property text code 228PITTWATER to 0459 333 444

They instantly receive a text message that contains the address for reference and a link to a mobile optimised listing page, a video, app download or any other information that you like.

At the same time Peter the agent is at home checking his emails. He gets an email from the Burst SMS system alerting him that somebody has expressed interest in the property.

Immediately he can respond to the email with his contact details and a courtesy message. 

The lead can engage with him directly with SMS via email in a 2 way conversation directly to their phone in real time.

With the email train now happening the agent has the number and property of interest which for any good sales person is a quality lead.

The Setup Process

First you need a dedicated number to receive the SMS and keywords to initiate the lead.

In the KEYWORDS section of Burst SMS click on NEW KEYWORD which brings up the keyword setup window. 

Here you can choose your keyword, purchase your number, setup your email forward and setup your auto responder. If you like you can also add leads to targeted lists.

Virtual Numbers

Sometimes referred to as dedicated response numbers or longcodes, these numbers are dedicated to receiving SMS control keywords that perform actions in the software of the Burst SMS platform. These numbers cannot receive voice or voicemail, if you call a virtual number you just get a disconnected message.

Burst SMS virtual numbers cost $29 per month with unlimited keywords. We have other options depending on your requirements such as gold numbers as used in the example above.

Setting up Email

To send Email to SMS you must authorise the outbound (sending to) email address with your account. This is so we know who to expect messages from and who to send the replies back to.

Click on the EMAIL SMS button to setup your authorised email.

You can then click on NEW EMAIL to set up your address. When sending email to SMS you will format the email address as This will send the content of the email to the number.

There are a couple of options, you can use a different format for the number if you want to send internationally or you can limit the characters sent in your SMS. You can also choose the number you are receiving SMS on.

This is basically all you need to get set up. It is a simple, cost effective way to engage with leads and get your lead the info they need to make decisions immediately.

If you need any assistance setting up 2 way SMS or Email to SMS just let us know. We can advise on how to get the most from your next SMS marketing activity.