We have created a simple method of integrating SMS messages into Keap (formery Infusionsoft) automation campaigns.

Within each Keap campaign toolbox under "Process", there is a function called Send HTTP Post. We can use this to call the Burst SMS API and send a text message.

To integrate, drag the Send HTTP Post item into your campaign sequence and then click on it.

You will see a field to enter a POST URL.

In this field you put the URL that links to our application for sending text messages.


Under this field you will see another field called Name / Value Pairs, you can add as many as you like using the + button. This is where we define the parameters of our message.

This is what we use to automatically format numbers. To send SMS effectively, numbers need to be formatted in international format. eg. 614XXXXXXXX or 44XXXXXXXXX etc. In a CRM like Keap rarely are numbers stored in this way. So we do it for you. To do it though we need to know the country, so you can either hard code it with AU, GB, SG, US or NZ as the value, or if you want to deliver to multiple countries you can use an Keap country variable.

NB: Messaging is limited to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Great Britain and USA at this time.

This is where we define the merge field from Keap where your numbers are found. Click the Merge button to find the one you are after.

This is the number or name where the message will come from. If using a Shared Number, do NOTdefine this parameter. Or, it can be a mobile number in international format or an alphanumeric name.                                 

NB: Alphanumeric caller ids are not supported in US or NZ

key and secret

This is your Burst SMS API key and secret. This is how we know which account to use. The API key and secret can be found in your Burst SMS account SETTINGS area.

This is your message text. If you use the Keap field for message you will not be able to have line breaks. If you want line breaks, you can encode the message into the POST URL.

Use this to receive replies to a defined email address.

Using Keap test function

If using the Keap test function, whilst utilising a variable, it will give a 500 error as it will not be able to find a valid mobile to insert. To test, replace the contact number variable with your testing number in international format (e.g. 614XXXXXXXX).

Adding line breaks to messages using URL encoding:

Due to limitations in the Keap value/pairs, line breaks cannot be added here. To encode your SMS message effectively, first create it in the Burst SMS campaign window on your account. This will let you also effectively count your characters as well.

Once you have your message, use this encoder tool to encode the message for the URL:

URL Encoder

Your encoded message in the URL will then look like:


NB: If you are merging fields into messages that contain spaces, then the message must be placed as a value pair or it will break the URL when merged.

The other parameters will still be taken from below.

Returning replies into Keap

The steps above will only send SMS messages out using Burst.

For SMS replies to be added into Keap, we need to use a 3rd party app, Zapier:


Set the trigger to "SMS Received to Inbox" and the action to "Create Note".
From there, you can connect your Burst SMS and Keap accounts and follow the setup wizard.